About Doc Bar Raiser

Doc Bar Raiser is where business writing championed. We spend too long in pointless meetings, day in, day out, where decisions are delayed because we need more data. At Doc Bar Raiser we believe that good writing drives innovation and faster, more effective decision making.

Charlotte is on a mission to stop the onslaught of recurring, pointless meetings, by introducing more writing into today's businesses. It's time to change the narrative by writing more narratives!

Charlotte founded Doc Bar Raiser shortly after leaving Amazon where she spent nearly 8 years leading teams and programmes. During that time Charlotte was an active Writing and Interview Bar Raiser. Charlotte fell in love with Amazon's writing culture very early, and was lucky enough to be mentored by some of the leaders who were there from the start.

Charlotte actively coached and mentored hundreds of "Amazonians", creating and teaching multiple writing courses including multi-day workshops to newly acquired subsidiaries.

Charlotte now works for a major UK energy firm, where she is currently building a content team and writing awareness. She is the principal writing coach for Day One Careers and freelance copywriter at Evidenced. Charlotte will be sharing her knowledge and experience of writing for some of the toughest leaders at Amazon, along with tips for improving your business writing and creating a writing culture in your business.